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Empowering Under-Resourced Youth through Polo & Horseback Riding
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Women's Arena Tournament
June 14-16
Saratoga Polo School 72 Brick House Rd. Stillwater, NY $20 entry per vehicle Call/Text 919-946-6805 for more info
Fostering growth, confidence, and life skills
Our mission is to provide under-resourced teens access to equestrian sports; cultivating personal growth, confidence, and life skills, through polo and horseback riding lessons.

We have established a barn environment that promotes diversity and inclusiveness, providing a haven where teenagers can flourish without external pressures.

Recognizing the significance of extracurricular activities in nurturing personal growth and essential life skills like discipline, teamwork, and self-confidence, we are dedicated to offering opportunities in horsemanship to those who may not have had access otherwise.

We cannot achieve our mission without your generous support
It is through the kindness and compassion of our donors that we are able to provide scholarships to under-resourced teens. We cover the costs of lessons and equipment. By contributing to this program, you will enrich and strengthen, the lives of these teens and our community as a whole.
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Every young person deserves the opportunity to discover their full potential, regardless of their socioeconomic background

We introduce teens to the joy of horsemanship, develop their riding skills, and instill, important values, such as discipline, teamwork, and responsibility. We teach them horse care, grooming, horseback riding, and the sport of polo. The aim is to create scholar-athletes who may potentially go to college to play polo, or who will have the ability to travel the world working for polo teams.

Ways to help

Donations, sponsorships, and volunteering are integral to our work in supporting under-resourced teens and helping them experience the transformative power of horses and equestrian sports.


Free Ride Equestrian

Our players are now proudly sponsored by Free Ride Equestrian

Our partnership with Free Ride Equestrian is more than just a collaboration – it’s a commitment to nurturing our riders’ aspirations. By equipping them with the finest breeches available, we are giving them the confidence to pursue their equestrian dreams with unwavering determination.

We are proud to have Free Ride Equestrian as a partner who shares our vision of empowering riders to reach new heights.

Saddle Up Scholars

We are excited to announce that all of our riders will receive tutoring services from Saddle Up Scholars!

Unbridling Potential. Harnessing Education. Empowering Youth.

Saddle Up Scholars provides educational services to young riders in existing equestrian outreach programs. Our mission is to make a direct and immediate impact in the lives of young horse enthusiasts from underserved backgrounds by harnessing the skills they gain from horses and channeling that into academic success.

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About Great Strides

We are dedicated to offering polo and horseback riding lessons to those who may not have had access otherwise.

Great Strides is a 501(c)(3) charity that offers a safe and nurturing environment where teens can embark on a transformative journey alongside magnificent horses.

Led by Laurie Scott, an equestrian with 44 years of experience at the highest levels of riding and instructing, Great Strides is working in collaboration with professional polo player and instructor Mario Dino of the Saratoga Polo School and the Boys and Girls Club of the Capital Area to deliver this program.

Check out our feature Story by CBS6 Albany!


Our Guiding Pillars

Through polo, we help teens improve their health and wellness while developing confidence, leadership, and teamwork skills.

Your contribution directly supports our program and enables teens and their horses to take Great Strides into the future. 


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Meet our supporters

On behalf of the Great Strides Equestrian Foundation and the teens we serve, we extend our heartfelt gratitude for considering our cause. Together, let us pave the way for a brighter future, one stride at a time.

Thank you for your unwavering support.

Laurie Scott